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Prosteel Supply delivers quality products to many industries, like shipbuilding & maritime, petrochemical and oil & gas, pressure vessel & heat exchanger, food & pharma, defense, etc. We supply forged products in all shapes and forms, all according to our customer’s specifications.


Prosteel Supply provide a large variety of steel grades, all depending on the customers application. High-alloy steels, nickel-base alloys, aluminum, copper and titanium are standard at Prosteel Supply. Carbon steels and stainless steel grades as typically used in the following applications throughout the world:

  • Oil & Gas / Petrochemicals
  • Power station construction
  • (Heavy) plant construction and engineering
  • Apparatus and pressure vessel construction
  • Pipeline construction

Various NORSOK qualifications and vast experience in duples and superduplex steels.

The most frequently used material grades are:

  • Structural and constructional steels
  • Fine-grain structural steels
  • High temperature steels
  • Heat-resistant martensitic steels
  • Case-hardening steel
  • Unalloyed heat treatable steels
  • Alloyed heat treatable steels
  • Nickel-alloyed tough at subzero steel
  • Martensitic stainless steel
  • Ferritic stainless steel
  • Austenitic stainless steel
  • Duplex-/ Super duplex steel
  • Heat-resisting alloys
  • Titanium alloys
  • Aluminum alloys

Rings & Bushing

Outer diameter up to 7.500 mm, length up to 8.000 mm, radial width max. 1000 mm and finished machined weight up to 40 tons.

We offer our ring-rolled products with inside and outside profiling, resulting in close to final contour shaped parts, reducing machine time, improving grain flow and leading to an optimum product quality.


Fabricated to various standards and customer drawings, also with centric or eccentric, cylindrical or spherical radius.Fabricated to various standards and customer drawings, also with centric or eccentric, cylindrical or spherical radius.

Nozzles with weld extrusion

As per customer drawing with centric or eccentric, cylindrical or spherical welding bevel, including horizontal or axially displaced weld extrusion and jut on pipe section.

Prosteel Supply offers close-contoured forged weld extrusions, optimizing the grain flow for critical applications.
Diameter max. 4.500 mm
Height max. 4.500 mm
Weight max. 50 tons


Prosteel Supply provides flanges from ½“ up to 102” in all pressure classes and material grades, according to international standards or custom design.

Standard flanges
Flanges according to all international norms, e.g. ASME B16.47 Series A and B, ANSI, DIN, MSS-SP44, API 605, BS 3292, AFNOR, VSM, GOST, in all sizes and pressure classes.

Long Welding Neck flanges as per customer drawing with cylindrical or spherical radius, centrically or eccentrically placed. Also based on customer demand with close to final shape forged weld extrusion, taking an optimized grain flow into account.

Blind flanges
Anchor flanges
Swivel ring flanges

Open-die forgings

Prosteel Supply provides an large variety of geometries of special components for all industries. Depending on the component, unit weights of up to 50 tons can be fabricated.

Some examples of open-die forgings:

  • Reducers, concentric and eccentric pipe & forged reducers, completely machined to customer specifications.
  • Pump and valve housings
  • Y-sections and Y-pipes, individually manufactured as per customer drawing
  • T-sections for sieve adapters and T-sections for pipe connections.
  • Pipe bends, forged 45° and 90° pipe elbows in any radius, wall thickness to customer specification from 4” to 24”.
  • Oval rings
  • Spherical forgings and pipe unions and balls

    Forged discs / pipe plates

    Pre-machined or finish machined blind flanges and forged discs with an outside diameter of up to 5.500 mm and unit weights of up to 55 tons.

    Pipe plates or tube sheets, machined and drilled according to customer specification for heat exchangers in all dimensions and material grades.

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